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    Turcon Construction Group

    TurCon Construction Group is a client focused builder committed to satisfying our customers by meeting both their current and long term needs. We act as a General Contractor, Construction Managers, and Design Build Contractors.

    TurCon Construction is owned and operated by Cliff Turner and Travis Miller. TurCon was originally founded in 1992 to meet the unique challenges of the construction industry. TurCon Construction provides services in custom design builds, project and construction management, and general contracting of new construction and renovations. We are also distributors and builders of Robertson steel buildings for the Northern Alberta region.

    TurCon Construction’s unique approach to business is the reason for our ongoing success. We attribute this to our focus on our clients, communication, teamwork, and staffing.

    TurCon’s number one priority is providing our clients with an exceptional level of service. As a general contractor, our clients rely on us to guide them through the construction process. We make every effort to be fair, informative, and work in the client’s best interest. TurCon understands the importance of delivering on our promises. As a result, we will always take the extra step to keep our clients satisfied. Communication is central to TurCon’s approach. Open and honest communication with our clients keeps them informed throughout the course of a project. We are always open to input from our clients and look forward to involving them in the process. The open flow of information within the company ensures that the right people have the right information at the right time. This allows for effective decision making and reduces inefficiencies.

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